Cristi Young

Cristi Young of SJM

Hi, I’m Cristi.

I’m a proud wife and a blessed mother of five children. I’m a blogger, a wanna-be author, a nurse, a photographer for fun, and my husband tells me I’m a yapper. But most importantly, I’m a Jesus loving, God-fearing woman who has a story that’s still being written. I have felt a nudging from God for sometime to start blogging, and in February 2015 I made it official! I enjoy writing about the lemons we’re thrown in life, but only so I can shout from the roof tops about the honey that God produces from them!

My prayer and desire is to help others through the sharing of my story, to come to know God and His love in a deeper way growing their relationship with Him. I want to encourage others to share their own stories,  handing all their troubles and sorrows over to God, trusting Him with them, and laying them at His feet!

“You know the richness of God’s sweet golden honey when you’ve experienced the bitterness of the lemons.” ~ Cristi

I am honored to begin this journey with two of my Jesus-craving friends, Jan and Nicole!

Feel free to go and check out my personal blog @

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