Wednesday’s Word #3

Galatians 1-10

Wednesday’s Word #3 happens to fit perfectly into the context of the current online Bible study from Love God Greatly.  Today our scripture is Galatians 1:10.   And today’s Wednesday’s Word is ratsah.  Pronounced (raw-tsaw’).  How does ratsah fit into this scripture?

Well, ratsah is a verb from the Hebrew dictionary for approval, delight in, to be pleased with or accept favorably.

Who do you spend your time trying to please?

As Christians we are called to seek the ratsah of the Almighty Father.  We are called by God through his love and mercy to share the Good News no matter the cost.  Though it may offend some and make us unpopular, it is actually an honor and a privilege to be called.  We are all called.  How we are called to share this Good News may look different.  But we are ALL called.

Are you looking for the ratsah of God?  Or are you living to please  people?

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