Wednesday’s Word #2

Jeremiah 32-17

How many times do you sit in Sunday School or church and hear a word you’ve heard over and over again, but really don’t know its exact meaning?

There are so many words used to describe God.  He is SO many things.  But one I love  and that brings reassurance in a world that’s gone mad is sovereign.  Speaking of mad – I always misspell this word.  What happened to the “I before E except after C rule?

Sovereign is defined as a supreme ruler with unrestricted, unlimited and ultimate power. 

That’s our God!  As a matter of fact it is how the Lord is referred to in the Bible 297 times in the NIV translation.  He is in control over everyone and everything.  RC Sproul says:

“If there is any element of the universe that is outside of his authority, then he no longer is God over all. In other words, sovereignty belongs to deity. Sovereignty is a natural attribute of the Creator. God owns what he makes, and he rules what he owns.”


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