Leap of Faith

I honestly did not understand why God was calling me to attend She Speaks 2015.  Years earlier I felt the pull to attend each time my inbox and Facebook timeline flashed a She Speaks notice.  But this time was different.  Not only were the notices popping up in my face constantly, but the tug on my heart was strong.

Soon I began to really consider going.  In the years leading up I came up with excuse after excuse for not attending.  I would think, I don’t write.  I don’t speak.  I don’t lead a bible study.  It’s too far to travel to learn to do something I don’t do.  But God had another plan and little did I know She Speaks was about to change my life and wreck my faith – in a good way.

My husband didn’t skip a beat after I approached him about She Speaks.  He said, “Go!  If God is calling you to go, go!  Here’s the money.”  It’s funny how we justify not doing something until someone else, especially our spouses, say do it.  Something about his approval made it okay.  It made me feel like even though I wasn’t a writer, a speaker or a bible study leader that I could be.  So I took the leap of faith and signed up.

In the months leading up Satan tried time and time again to wreck God’s plan by throwing up obstacles meant to paralyze me with fear. Recognizing it for what it was, I prayed.  “God give me the peace that surpasses all understanding.  Just help me get there!”  And He did not leave me hanging.

She Speaks was beautiful!  For three days I learned valuable skills needed to write and lead bible study.  But something even better happened.  Something completely unexpected.  God sent his Holy Spirit down on that conference and into the hearts of every woman there.  Through praise and worship and a lot of prayer time, He came.  He filled us.  He loved us.  He spoke to us.  I left there changed and ready to be bold for Christ with confidence I’ve never had before.

Proverbs 13:6 speaks of godliness.  It means righteousness, obedience, doing what is good.  Despite Satan’s attacks, I obeyed. It was hard.  My fear of leaving behind problems and focusing on God scared me.  I mean if I lay those problems down won’t I lose control of them?

Thankfully, God rewarded me in ways that I can’t explain fully in words yet.  I know I know I know without a doubt He’s with me.  That He loves me.  That He has plans for me.  I feel it.  And the results of my obedience is evidence of it.  I hope in the months and years to come I can fully disclose how He did it.  But there’s more work to be done and more obedience from me needed. Proverbs 13-6 Leap of faith What is God whispering to your heart?  What is He calling you to do?  Just take that leap of faith.  Step out!  Even if it’s just a small step that you think won’t change anything.  If you make a mistake there is nothing He can’t fix or use for good.  The intention of your heart is seen by Him.  God will not fail in rewarding you for it.

Just do it!

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She Speaks 2016 is already in the works for the end of July.  Registration will begin early in 2016.  There were nearly 800 attending this year and over 700 on a waiting list.  If you feel God calling you to write, speak, lead bible study or just to go, go!  You won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Leap of Faith

  1. laurathomasauthor says:

    I’m so excited for you! I love how God merely asks for a willing heart… the rest He takes care of. It sounds like you had a wonderful, life-changing experience. Thanks for your encouraging words! Stopping by from Coffee With Jesus 🙂


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