Anything by Jennie Allen

Anything – The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Soul.


The title of this book could not be more of a hook.  Maybe it is because I am right where she was when she prayed Anything and it changed her life forever. I want that!

A few years ago SJM contributor and my friend, Cristi, mentioned this book by Jennie Allen.  It wasn’t until recently that I signed up with Booklook Bloggers and made it my first book to review.

Although the title grabbed me immediately, the first few pages did not.  However, it did not last.  By the end of the first chapter I could not put it down.

Anything is an honest and transparent look into the life of Allen and how God took her from being a dutiful every day Christian and pastors wife to a beautifully free, crazy busy, Christ-seeking, no holds barred disciple in a matter of a few short years.  With accurate biblical references, Allen brought insight to the scriptures I had never thought about before. I cried.  I laughed.  I was inspired to pray Anything.  Now that I have (and will continue to) there’s no telling what God has in store for me and those it will consequently effect.

If you have a desire to serve God and further His Kingdom with reckless abandon, Anything is a must read.  I promise you will be inspired… and a little bit nervous.

(Booklook Bloggers provided a complimentary copy of Anything for my book review)

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