Prayers For My Teen Book Giveaway (Winner!)

The winner of the Prayers For My Teen Book is:

Jennifer Higgins

Congratulations Jennifer!  Please contact to claim your book.

Prayers for my teen original book


It’s giveaway time! Most anyone that has a teenager, or at least had a teenager in their lifetime, can tell you there are days when you are just trying to survive. We parents love our teenagers.  This doesn’t mean we always enjoy them.  Teens can be quite crazy at times.  Dealing with them can make a parent feel out-of-control.  During these times, I’ve felt the need to get away and pray. I have searched for biblical guidance.  It has been my experience that finding faith-based encouragement and practical advice when handling teens specifically, is scarce. My husband and I have two teenagers.  Over the past year I have referred time and time again to the advice of a man named Mark Gregston.  Mark and his wife, Jan, run Heartlight Ministries, a residential camp with counseling for teens in the East Texas area.  Each are youth ministers that bring with them 34 years of experience handling teens and troubled teens.  If you have a troubled teen that you feel might benefit from specialized Christian counseling, check out Heartlight Ministries here. Mark also has a website called Parenting Todays Teens where he shares his teaching, counseling advice and encouragement through our teens tumultuous years.  Personally, I love his podcasts/video blog.  They are short and have great practical takeaways. Meanwhile, I’ve ordered a book geared specifically to praying for my teens written by Mark Gregston named Prayers for My Teen. Prayers for my teen original book I ordered a second copy for one lucky giveaway winner! To play, just leave a comment telling me if you have teenagers, going to have teenagers or had teenagers.  In any case, most of us know a teenager that needs our prayers. Speaking of praying for teens ~ I covet your prayers for mine. Open to US residents only. The winner will be announced and emailed Thursday evening. Good luck!

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8 thoughts on “Prayers For My Teen Book Giveaway (Winner!)

  1. richardlarsen says:

    Multiple teens & young adults…
    Our siblings kids
    Carol: Jes & Ethan (married)
    Jordy (marine,)

    Ann: Sara (starting business)

    Matt: Dee, Cody (& daughter – Aliah) needing guidance.
    Dylan (recent hs grad. Already acting step-daddy to Gf’s toddler)
    Dani (attempted suicide many times)
    Devin (several brush ins w/law & community service)….


  2. Celeste Zachry says:

    I myself am a child of God, constantly struggling to get through this crazy world, but I am also the mother of two beautiful teenage girls and constantly mother hundreds of teens as a veteran high school teacher of 20 years. Yes, I have teenagers. Lol.


  3. kimberlyersk1ne says:

    I am a Young Life so I work with teens in my local Montana community. I think one of the hardest challenges is realizing how prevalent social media is in establishing their social activities, social status, and associated pressures. When we give club talks, we try to relate to them and offer them wisdom and encouragement. However sometimes they come to us with situations that are definitely being introduced to them a little too young. I feel this book would be an amazing resource for our staff 🙂

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